St Kew Parish Council meets in the Parish Hall, St Kew, on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.00 pm. Agendas and minutes are shown below. The Council’s Agendas and Minutes are ONLY available to download in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. We have made this change to ensure the security of all data contained within the documents. This format will also ensure that they print correctly and maintain their original layout on all printers. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your PC, you can download it FREE from the following location.

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Please note that Approved Minutes will only appear here after they have been approved at the following meeting. Papers include all papers which were available when the Clerk published the subject agenda.

Copies of all previous minutes,agendas and papers are available on request from the Parish Clerk. Details of this year's agendas and minutes can be found below:

Meeting Dates Agenda Approved Minutes Papers
April 9th 2019 AG-APR_2019.pdf   PAPERS_apr_2019.pdf
March 12 2019 AG-MAR_2019.pdf   PAPERS_mar_2019.pdf
February 12th 2019 AG-FEB_2019.pdf MN-FEB_2019.pdf PAPERS_FEBRUARY_2019.pdf
January 8th 2019 AG-JAN_2019.pdf MN-JAN_2019.pdf PAPERS_JANUARY_2019.pdf
December 11th 2018 AG-DEC_2018.pdf MN-DEC_2018.pdf PAPERS_dec_2018.pdf
November 13th 2018 AG-NOV_2018.pdf MN-NOV_2018.pdf PAPERS_nov_2018.pdf
October 9th 2018 AG-OCT_2018.pdf MN-OCT_2018.pdf PAPERS_oct_2018.pdf
September 11th 2018 AG-SEP_2018.pdf MN-SEP_2018_.pdf PAPERS_sept_2018.pdf
August 14th 2018 AG-AUG-2018.pdf MN-AUG_2018_.pdf PAPERS_aug_2018.pdf
July 10th 2018 AG-JUL_2018.pdf MN-JUL_2018.pdf PAPERS_jul_2018.pdf
June 12th 2018 AG-JUN-2018.pdf MN-JUN-2018.pdf PAPERS_jun_2018.pdf
May 8th 2018 AGM AG-AGM_MAY_2018.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2018.pdf PAPERS_AGM_2018.pdf
May 8th 2018 APM AG-APM_2018.pdf TBA PAPERS_APM_2018.pdf
April 10th 2018 AG-APR_2018.pdf MN-APR_2018.pdf PAPERS_apr_2018.pdf
March 13th 2018 AG-MAR_2018.pdf MN-MAR_2018.pdf PAPERS_mar_2018.pdf
February 13th 2018 AG-FEB_2018.pdf MN-FEB_2018.pdf PAPERS_feb_2018.pdf
January 9th 2018 AG-JAN_2018.pdf MN-JAN_2018.pdf PAPERS_JANUARY_2018.pdf
December 12th 2017 AG-DEC_2017.pdf MN-DEC-2017_.pdf PAPERS_DEC_2017.pdf
November 14th 2017 AG-NOV_2017.pdf MN-NOV_2017.pdf PAPERS_nov_2017.pdf
October 10th 2017 AG-OCT_2017.pdf MN-OCT_2017.pdf PAPERS_oct_2017.pdf
September 12th 2017 AG-SEP_2017.pdf MN-SEP_2017.pdf PAPERS_sept_2017.pdf
August 8th 2017 AG-AUG-2017.pdf MN-AUG_2017.pdf PAPERS_aug_2017.pdf
July 11th 2017 AG-JUL_2017.pdf MN-JUL_2017.pdf PAPERS_jul_2017.pdf
June 13th 2017 AG-JUN-2017.pdf MN-JUN-2017.pdf PAPERS_jun_2017.pdf
May 9th 2017 AG-MAY_2017.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2017.pdf PAPERS_may_AGM_2017.pdf
April 25th 2017 AG-APM_2017.pdf TBA PAPERS_apr_APM_2017.pdf
April 11th 2017 AG-APR_2017.pdf MN-APR_2017.pdf PAPERS_apr_2017.pdf
March 14th 2017 AG-MAR_2017.pdf MN-MAR_2017.pdf PAPERS_mar_2017.pdf
February 14th 2017 AG-FEB_2017.pdf MN-FEB_2017.pdf PAPERS_feb_2017.pdf
January 10th 2017 AG_JAN_2017.pdf MN-JAN_2017.pdf PAPERS_JANUARY_2017.pdf
December 13th 2016 AG-DEC_2016.pdf MN-JAN_2017.pdf PAPERS_dec_2016.pdf
November 8th 2016 AG-NOV_2016.pdf MN-NOV_2016.pdf PAPERS_nov_2016.pdf
October 11th 2016 AG-OCT_2016.pdf MN-OCT_2016.pdf PAPERS_oct_2016_1.pdf
September 13th 2016 AG-SEP_2016.pdf MN-SEP_2016.pdf PAPERS_sept_2016.pdf
August 9th 2016 AG-AUG-2016.pdf MN-AUG_2016.pdf PAPERS_aug_2016.pdf
July 12th 2016 AG-July_2016.pdf MN-JUL_2016.pdf PAPERS_july_2016.pdf
June 14th 2016 AG-JUN-2016.pdf MN-JUN-2016.pdf PAPERS_jun_2016.pdf
May 10th 2016 AG-MAY_2016.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2016.pdf PAPERS_may_2016.pdf
May 3rd 2016 AG-APM_2016.pdf TBA PAPERS_may_APM_2016.pdf
April 12th 2016 AG-APR_2016.pdf MN-APR_2016.pdf PAPERS_apr_2016.pdf
March 8th 2016 AG-MAR_2016.pdf MN-MAR_2016.pdf PAPERS_mar_2016.pdf
February 9th 2016 AG-FEB_2016.pdf MN-FEB_2016.pdf PAPERS_feb_2016.pdf
January 12th 2016 AG-JAN_2016.pdf MN-JAN_2016.pdf PAPERS_jan_2016.pdf
December 8th 2015 AG-DEC_2015.pdf MN-DEC-2015_.pdf PAPERS_dec_15.pdf
November 10th 2015 AG-NOV_2015.pdf MN-NOV_2015.pdf  
October 13th 2015 AG-OCT_2015.pdf MN-OCT_2015.pdf  
September 8th 2015 AG-SEP_2015.pdf MN-SEP_2015.pdf  
August 11th 2015 AG-AUG_2015.pdf MN-AUG_2015.pdf  
July 14th 2015 AG-JUL_2015.pdf MN-JUL_2015.pdf  
June 9th 2015 AG-JUN_2015.pdf MN-JUN_2015.pdf  
May 12th 2015 AG-MAY_2015.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2015.pdf Annual General Meeting
May 5th 2015 AG-APM_2015.pdf MN-MAY_APM_2015.pdf Annual Parish Meeting Draft Minutes
April 14th 2015 AG-APR_2015.pdf MN-APR_2015.pdf  
March 10th 2015 AG-MAR_2015.pdf MN-MAR_2015.pdf  
February 10th 2015 AG-FEB_2015.pdf MN-FEB_2015.pdf  
January 13th 2015 AG-JAN_2015.pdf MN-JAN_2015.pdf  
December 9th 2014 AG-DEC_2014.pdf MN-DEC_2014.pdf  
November 11th 2014 AG-NOV_2014.pdf MN-NOV_2014.pdf  
October 14th 2014 AG-OCT_2014.pdf MN-OCT_2014.pdf  
September 9th 2014 AG-SEP_2014.pdf MN-SEP_2014.pdf  
August 12th 2014 AG-AUG_2014.pdf MN-AUG_2014.pdf  
July 8th 2014 AG-JUL_2014.pdf MN-JUL_2014.pdf  
June 10th 2014 AG-JUN_2014.pdf MN-JUN_2014.pdf  
May 13th 2014 AG-MAY_2014.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2014.pdf Annual General Meeting
May 6th 2014 AG-APM_2014.pdf MN-MAY_APM_2014.pdf Annual Parish Meeting
April 8th 2014 AG-APR_2014.pdf MN-APR_2014.pdf  
March 11th 2014 AG-MAR_2014.pdf MN-MAR_2014.pdf  
February 11th 2014 AG-FEB_2014.pdf MN-FEB_2014.pdf Note June 2 2014 - this agenda has been updated as old version had been erroneously uploaded
January 14th 2014 AG-JAN_2014.pdf MN-JAN_2014.pdf  
December 10th 2013 AG-DEC_2013.pdf MN-DEC_2013.pdf  
November 12th 2013 AG-NOV_2013.pdf MN-NOV_2013.pdf  
October 8th 2013 AG-OCT_2013.pdf MN-OCT_2013.pdf  
September 10th 2013 AG-SEP_2013.pdf MN-SEP_2013.pdf  
August 13th 2013 AG-AUG_2013.pdf MN-AUG_2013.pdf  
July 9th 2013 AG-JUL_2013.pdf MN-JUL_2013.pdf  
June 17th 2013 MN-PL-JUN_2013.pdf MN-PL-JUN_2013.pdf Planning Meeting
June 11th 2013 AG-JUN_2013.pdf MN-JUN_2013.pdf  
May 14th 2013 AG-MAY_2013.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2013.pdf Annual General Meeting
April 23rd 2013 AG-APM_2013.pdf MN-APR_APM_2013.pdf Annual Parish Meeting
April 9th 2013 AG-APR_2013.pdf MN-APR_2013.pdf  
March 12th 2013 AG-MAR_2013.pdf MN-MAR_2013.pdf  
February 12th 2013 AG-FEB_2013.pdf MN-FEB_2013.pdf  
January 8th 2012 AG-JAN_2013.pdf MN-JAN_2013.pdf  
December 11th 2012 AG-DEC_2012.pdf MN-DEC_2012.pdf  
November 13th 2012 AG-NOV_2012.pdf MN-NOV_2012.pdf  
October 9th 2012 AG-OCT_2012.pdf MN-OCT_2012.pdf  
September 11th 2012 AG-SEP_2012.pdf MN-SEP_2012.pdf  
August 14th 2012 AG-AUG_2012.pdf MN-AUG_2012.pdf  
July 10th 2012 AG-JUL_2012.pdf MN-JUL_2012.pdf  
June 23rd 2012 N/A MN-PL_JUN_23_2012.pdf Planning Meeting
June 12th 2012 AG-JUN_2012.pdf MN-JUN_2012.pdf  
May 15th 2012 AG-APM_2012.pdf MN-MAY_APM_2012.pdf Annual Parish Meeting
May 8th 2012 AG-MAY_2012.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2012.pdf Annual General Meeting
April 10th 2012 AG-APR_2012.pdf MN-APR_2012.pdf  
March 13th 2012 AG-MAR_2012.pdf MN-MAR_2012.pdf  
February 14th 2012 AG-FEB_2012.pdf MN-FEB_2012.pdf  
January 10th 2012 AG-JAN_2012.pdf MN-JAN_2012.pdf  
December 13th 2011 AG-DEC_2011.pdf MN-DEC_2011.pdf  
November 29th 2011 AG-SK_PL_NOV_29_11.pdf MN-SK_PL_NOV_29_11.pdf Interim planning meeting
November 8th 2011 AG-NOV_2011.pdf MN-NOV_2011.pdf  
October 26th 2011 AG-SK_PL_OCT_26_11.pdf MN-SK_PL_OCT_26_11.pdf Interim planning meeting
October 11th 2011 AG-OCT_2011.pdf MN-OCT_2011.pdf  
September 13th 2011 AG-SEP_2011.pdf MN-SEP_2011.pdf  
August 9th 2011 AG-AUG_2011.pdf MN-AUG_2011.pdf  
July 12th 2011 AG-JUL_2011.pdf MN-JUL_2011.pdf  
June 14th 2011 AG-JUN_2011.pdf MN-JUN_2011.pdf  
May 10th 2011 AG-MAY_2011.pdf MN-MAY_AGM_2011.pdf  
April 12th 2011 AG-APR_2011.pdf MN-APR_2011.pdf  
March 8th 2011 AG-MAR_2011.pdf MN-MAR_2011.pdf  
February 8th 2011 AG-FEB_2011.pdf MN-FEB_2011.pdf  
January 11th 2011 AG-JAN_2011.pdf MN-JAN_2011.pdf  
December 14th 2010 AG-DEC_2010.pdf MN-DEC_2010.pdf  
November 9th 2010 AG-NOV_2010.pdf MN-NOV_2010.pdf  
October 12th 2010 AG-OCT_2010.pdf MN-OCT_2010.pdf  
September 14th 2010 AG-SK0910.pdf MN-SK0910.pdf  
August 10th 2010 AG-SK0810.pdf MN-SK0810.pdf  
July 13th 2010 AG-SK0710.pdf MN-SK0710.pdf  
June 8th 2010 AG-SK0610.pdf MN-SK0610.pdf  
May 11th 2010 AG-SK0510.pdf MN-SK0510.pdf  
April 13th 2010 AG-SK0410.pdf MN-SK0410.pdf  
March 9th 2010 AG-SK0310.pdf MN-SK0310.pdf  
February 9th 2010 AG-SK0210.pdf MN-SK0210.pdf  
January 12th 2010 AG-SK0110.pdf MN-SK0110.pdf  


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